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The South Bay Children's Choir is a comprehensive choral training program with seven sequential levels of learning, facilitated by an experienced and fully credentialed staff of choir teachers. The singers (ages 6 to 18) learn voice technique and sightreading as they sing a varied repertoire from classical and folk song literature. Emphasis is on excellence, while learning to work as a team in a nurturing environment. The season lasts from September through the first week in June. South Bay Children's Choir performs four to five times each year.

Auditions are required.
Auditions are child-friendly, most children enjoy the process.
For more information call Susan Benson. (310) 640-9818

o Rehearsals start promptly at 9:00 on Saturday mornings
o The children need to be there on time, with a good breakfast under their belt!
o Children are allowed 3 absences per semester. Absences should be communicated in advance.
o All members are expected to sing in each performance.
o If there is a conflict, parents should communicate with the director in advance.

Financial responsibilities
There is a membership fee for each group, which varies according to rehearsal length.

The Monday Class for 6, 7, and some 8-year-olds is $120 for the first 8 week session, $149 for the second 10 week session, and $120 for the final 8 week session. Singers register for one session at a time and are not obligated to attend all three sessions.

Meistersingers 1 and 2 - ages 8 and up $499 Entire year September–May
Choristers 1 and 2 – ages 10 and up $549 Entire year September–May
Choraliers 1 and 2 - ages 11 and up $579 Entire year September–May
Concert Choir - ages 12 and up $699 Entire year September–May
Bel Canto - ages 12 and up
(entire year, September to May)
$849 Saturdays
and Tuesdays 4:15-6:15

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